One Million Moms versus The Geico Pig

A group of 1,000,000 mothers is boycotting Geico and asking them to pull their commercial that features a pig and a woman being stranded in an broken down car. The group says the ad promotes sex with animals because the woman is coming onto the pig. The important thing to note is that the pig is completely oblivious to her overtures. He decides to play "Fruit Ninja" on his iPhone instead of porking her. Now if the commercial showed the pig raising his eyebrow to the camera and pulled back to show the exterior of the car shaking back and forth while Porky started tappin' dat ass THEN I would say the commercial might be pushing the limits of what's acceptable, but that's sadly not what happened at all.

There are loads of similar ads featuring the Red, Green, and Brown M&M in adult situations, but will One Million Moms complain to the Mars chocolate company for encouraging children to blow M&M's? Those M&Ms are in loads of sexual situations, but no one takes it seriously because they're anthropomorphic chocolates and no one could ever have sex with them, BUT A PIG! Now you're talking! Call me crazy, but I'd bone a talking M&M over a talking pig any day of the week. So what's the real threat to kids here, this idiotic talking pig freak or that sexy ass Green M&M?

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