Top 10 Worst Sports To Bet On

If you're going to bet,
bet on the right sports.
One of the most popular pastimes in the world today is sports betting. There isn’t a sport you can’t bet on, but that doesn’t mean they’re all suitable for betting. Some sports for one reason or another are not compatible with wagering large sums of money on. These are the top 10 worst sports to bet on:

10. Table Tennis
Table tennis was never a great sport to gamble on, but it’s even worse now that they’ve developed robots who can play it. It won’t be long until the only table tennis players are robots and at that point why bother gambling at all?

This is not the stage on which any money should be gambled.

9. Curling
A good rule of thumb about gambling is never bet on any activity that involves a broom.

You know a game is boring when four separate games have to be played simultaneously to keep anyone's interest.

8. Darts
Betting on yourself playing darts is okay, but betting on professional darts is ridiculous. Why professional darts even exists is beyond my comprehension.

Darts is to javelin as table tennis is to tennis.

7. Bull Riding
Bull Riding is basically all about a person’s grip. The only time a stranger’s grip and money should be involved with each other is when you’re buying hand jobs.

Rodeos aren't a great place to show gamble or show money.

6. Water Polo
Any aquatic sport is usually a no-no when it comes to betting. You bet on any sport that takes place in a pool and you’ll end up all wet.

What do you get when you throw a volleyball into a swimming pool? Water polo.

5. Poker
Betting on other people betting seems like a step in the wrong direction. How far can you remove yourself from the action before it ceases to be entertaining?

If you need to bet on a dog activity, bet on dog racing.

4. Badminton
You can’t take any sport that uses a “Shuttlecock” seriously enough to bet real money on it.

What is this? Shuttlecock bukkake?

3. Chess
Remember when I asked how far you could remove yourself from action before it ceases to be entertaining? Well this is a step farther than that. Not to mention, the people at the high school usually get a little mad when they find out you’re betting on the kids in chess club.

Amazing how the pieces stay stuck to the board like that.

2. Pee Wee Football
Speaking of gambling on kids, one of the worst sports to gamble on is Pee Wee Football. People are getting more and more serious about children’s athletics these days, but parents still get pretty freaked out when you attempt to sabotage the team you’re betting against. When people talk about betting on the future, this is not what they’re talking about.

It's unfair to put the hopes of your financial future on people so young.

And the number one sport you should never bet on is...

1. Figure Skating
Betting money on figure skating is a great way to increase your interest in the sport, but it’s never a good idea to bet on any sport where the winners are judged subjectively. Plus, you don’t want to get in deep with those figure skating bookies. You’ve seen how figure skaters have each other’s kneecaps smashed, imagine what they do when you owe them money.

It's never a good idea to wager serious money on winter hijinx.

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