Dumbass Sayings: “Thank You”

One of the most popular and overused sayings in human society today is “Thank you.” Whether someone saves you from drowning when you pass out in their Jacuzzi or an old lady holds a door open for you, you’re supposed to say the same thing: “Thank you.” The problem I have with this saying is that it shouldn’t need to exist. Do people really only do good things just to be thanked? How good of a person could you be if that’s the case? Unfortunately that does seem to be the case. If someone doesn’t thank you after you bring in homemade cinnamon macaroons for them you automatically put them on your shitlist and think “Well no more macaroons for that cocksucker…” We want to see gratitude when we do a good deed because that positively reinforces our action like training a dog. The problem is, most people say “Thank you” and don’t really mean it. It’s become an overused formality and most of the thank yous you hear during the course of the day mean nothing. Oddly enough, the thank yous that you get for small things like holding a door are the fakest and least important, but at the same time most critical to say. If someone doesn’t say “thank you” after you hold a door open you want to trip them and slam the door on their head. Is it really that serious? Most likely not, maybe just the tripping will be sufficient. Meanwhile, if you saved someone’s life and they didn’t say thank you, you wouldn’t require a thank you. It was a seemingly necessary action to take so a thanks isn’t entirely required. It’s not like you’d think “I should have just let them burn to death…” So when you think about it, in almost any situation “Thank you” shouldn’t be necessary to say.

We know you could have taken the long way around to avoid it, so we appreciate your patronage.

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