Dumbass Sayings: “Chickened Out”

Whenever you’re going to ask a lady if she wants to go get a sundae at the local ice cream parlour, you get a little nervous. Sometimes you get so nervous you run away and all your friends laugh at you and say “You chickened out!” I chickened out, eh? So I was scared that makes me like a chicken? Why are chickens synonymous with cowardice? Cats are also considered cowardly, that’s why we have the terms “scaredy cat” and “pussy.” Well chickens are also called “cocks.” Cocks are the opposite of pussies so they can’t both mean the same thing! Have you ever seen a cockfight before? I mean a fight between roosters aka male chickens. If you’re ever seen those things go at each other with reckless abandon then you know the word “cowardice” or “fear” has absolutely no place in a room full of cocks. Two chickens will fight to the death, but cats on the other paw will usually just swipe at each other then both run off. It’s about time we clear this up and accept that cats are the true face of cowardice and that “pussying out” is the new “chickening out.” Now I know pussying out sounds a little like cunnilingus, and we all know that takes a certain level of courage depending on the woman and her hygiene, but it makes a lot more sense than chickening out that’s all I’ll say.

Chickens are like the pit bulls of the bird world.

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