What's the worst GEICO commercial ever?

There are so many to choose from, but my personal favorite to hate is the one with the old man and the dollar. It's not the most annoying, those would be the money with the googly eyes, but a plot hole ruins it tremendously. What's your pick for worst GEICO commercial? By the way, saving up to 15% isn't that great of a deal, it just means the MOST you can save is 15%! Wake up people!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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  1. It appears there aren't many Geico haters out there or they just haven't found this blog yet after 8 months. Well, I actually hate all of them just as bad as I hate the Progressive commercials. I find a general lack of creativity in most of them. There are some that I've yet to figure out what the gecko is even saying since he mumbles on some lines. What Geico doesn't realize is that when you pound the commercials into the faces of people around the clock over and over and over, some people will actually NEVER buy insurance from them. Like me. Notice how they have been jumping on the bandwagon for motorcycle insurance. Like they just figured out there are a few million bike riders? You'll usually get a much better price with old providers like Dairyland Insurance. But what's the most disturbing is how many people actually fall for these irritating commercials and find them cute and can't wait to throw money their way.