Dumbass Movie Names

"Scott Pilgrim Versus The World" is a new movie that features a kid fighting for a girl named "Ramona". There's also a new movie coming out called "Ramona and Beezus" about no one gives a shit.

Since when is every other person on Earth named Ramona? Last I checked, that was not a common name and yet now it's just coincidentally featured in two current asscrap movies. It hasn't been surprising to me that movie studios are running out of ideas, but running out of names? That's truly sickening.

Ramona isn't even a good name. It's the female version of "Ramon" which is a South American cocaine dealer. It's basically the Spanish equivalent of Roberta in English. Who in the hell would ever name their daughter Roberta?

Stealing ideas for movies from graphic novels and regular novels is only excusable until the day comes when those adaptations end up being the same exact thing as every other movie. At what point will every movie that comes out be the same exact movie as everything else out at the time? This is a very bad sign for humanity. It all starts out now with the name "Ramona" but soon enough it'll bleed into plots and visuals and we will beg for extinction.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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