The Oily Bird Photos

I don't like photographers taking video of the Gulf pelican birds covered in oil. Yeah the birds need help and people need to know about this, now if its so jizzin' sad put down the camera and wash those bitches off! Don't you have a tissue handy from when ya had to clean your pants when realizing what a great photo-op you just stumbled onto?

I think we get the idea after a few seconds of footage maybe even just a single photograph, but they're filming several minutes when they could be helping in any way possible. One video I saw featured a full minute of an oily bird getting tossed around by waves. I know you probably shouldn't just run up and rub a bird with a rag, but I'm sure if you hold it down it will thank you later.

Video is just unnecessary here. Anyone who wants to feel sad about this will feel sad after seeing a photo, it's people who don't give a crap who will say its photoshopped and might need a longer video clip to believe it, but they're not going to help anyway so who gives a hell what they think? The bird must be thinking, "What is this a f*cking c**k *ss feathery photoshoot? My flesh is burning over here!!!"

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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