Australian Guy Chokes Living Statue

From YouTube - gmcasey1

This would have made a great Fosters commercial. It seems odd, but this is how I tried to get a Buckingham Palace guard to laugh. If the living statue died in that fight would he be buried or would they just spray him with sealant and plant him on a marble base as his own memorial? That’s probably the one benefit to being a living statue, your family doesn't have to buy a tombstone because you’re it.

Everyone has a talent and for living statues that talent is standing still. I don’t get why they stand still though, if you’re a living statue that means you should get to move around. If you’re a dead statue then that’s just a normal non-moving statue. I don’t care what your insides are doing. It’s very dangerous to be a living statue because if you pass out somewhere no one will call you help, they’ll just think an actual statue tipped over and they might just take a piss on you or something.

By the way, how weird is the word "Statue". Look at it. It doesn't even look like it should be a real word. Maybe it's just pretending to be a word. What a POSEUR! Again, another word that doesn't seem like it should be a word. Why are they all French?

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