Salt Lake City Secret Angel Delivery Homeless Prank

From YouTube - stuartedge

Here's a bankers box to remind you of when you got laid off.

Salt Lake City has such a young and vibrant hobo community. I can’t tell if they’re homeless or just college students. 

I feel this is a little patronizing to these homeless people. Yes, it’s great that they’re being helped, but to tell them it’s an angel delivery service is sort of insulting to an adult’s intelligence. If these were homeless children I’d say that was fine. Maybe even if they were mentally ill it would be okay, but these folks are apparently all sane so it just comes off feeling strange. Also in the video one homeless guy says "Thanks" and the charity dude says "Any time!" Any time? I'm surprised the homeless guy didn't ask to move in. I'm sure that would classify as "any time".

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