The First Racist Robot

From YouTube - ivcvideo:

When I watch a video on YouTube I like to make a quick comment that I think people will like, but sometimes I have more thoughts about the video so instead of posting another comment I’ll write them here.

This is a video about a sorting robot that was designed to autonomously segregate colored candies like M&Ms and Skittles. I commented that it was the first racist robot ever and while I know racism implies hatred, a feeling no robot can experience, this could still be a very dangerous technology.

Sure it’s just sorting out candy today, but as we all know this is just the first glimpse of a device that will develop over time. Imagine how terrifying this will be in a hundred years or so when it’s 100 feet tall with a giant claw picking out Hispanic, White, African American and Asian people from a group and throwing them in a giant collection tank or whathaveyou. When the robots gain self-awareness it may be entirely possible that they would want to split us up into groups before harvesting our brains and organs. It seems farfetched at the moment, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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