Dumbass Song Lyrics: “My Heart is a Ghost Town”

There’s a song called “Ghost Town” where the singer Adam Lambert says “My heart is a ghost town.” What is that supposed to mean? A ghost town is an abandoned town where no one lives. A heart is the primary muscle responsible for blood circulation in your body. I don’t know why someone would sing “My heart is a ghost town.” Nothing is supposed to live inside your heart. Your heart SHOULD be a ghost town. I’d rather my heart be a ghost town than a city full of cholesterol and calcium deposits. The roads of your heart should be nice and vacant for blood to flow through easily. If your heart is a metropolis brimming with a bustling populace then odds are your risk of a coronary is extremely high. When you feel heart is starting to take on visitors I would see a doctor as soon as possible. So I’m glad your heart is nice and clear, but there’s no reason to be singing about that. I think a much more accurate chorus would be “My brain is a ghost town” because none of this makes a damn bit of sense. It would appear the part of the brain that works on metaphors is experiencing a bit of a drop in population.

Your heart won't feel so empty after this.

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