Are you happy with today's technology?

When you consider the fact that in the early 90's we thought we'd be walking on Mars by now, our technology is pretty depressing. But! I am now happy to announce one of the biggest strides of technology in the past decade... This picture to the right, is a screen from an Associated Press news story about that Seattle bank teller who got fired for defending his bank blah blah, but what's notable is, they show a picture of a Blackberry to depict a phone!

What does that symbolize? Apparently I've underestimated technology and we're really starting the move toward jetpacks and jerking around on Mars. Or, this is just some odd advertising agreement between the Associated Press and the Blackberry folks.

I have a difficult time dealing with this image though. It just seems out of place. I expect to see a generic, tan colored 70's phone with the curly cord coming out of the bottom. The Blackberry here is so damn detailed you can even see the trackball! This is the first time I've noticed a Blackberry shown like this, is it the first time you have? Did they do this because that reported conversation occurred on a Blackberry and they wanted to be specific? That type of specificity is really unnecessary to me, but maybe I'm just losing touch. I think I need to get a Blackberry!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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  1. Leave it to the liberal media to assume we're all carrying a fruit-a-phone