The Yellow Ranger is Dead?!

I wanted to take a break for a bit to discuss the death of Thuy Trang aka Trini Kwan, the first Yellow Ranger from the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" TV series. Did you know she died? I wasn't alerted about this at all. Apparently she died nearly a decade ago on September 3rd 2001. Of course the events of September 11th of that year must have overshadowed her death, but that's no excuse to avoid mentioning it at all!

The creepy part is that Trang died in a car accident and had been falsely reported dead in another car accident ten years prior to her death. It was her in the car ten years earlier though, it's not like the cops saw a dead Asian girl in a car and thought it was the Yellow Ranger. But there are loads of other stereotypes involved with this story that I won't go into because that's the kind of guy I am! If you're reading this, and I know you are, continue resting in peace Thuy Trang! (After you finish reading this of course.) Well, you can rest and read at the same time, it's not that big of a deal right? Unless it is, eh, do whatever you want, just keep it real!

The strange thing about her memorial service was that the Pink and Blue rangers were the only rangers to show up. Isn't that weird? Because after watching the show and hearing that only two rangers showed up, you would probably guess it was the Pink and Blue rangers, the young gymnast and the dork. The others were too cool to travel all the way to Thailand for some pre-9/11 funeral. Shame on them!


  1. That is odd. I thought she passed away and that's why she left the PR show. But I suppose that was not the case at all. Very sad regardless.