Dog Daycare Online Cameras?

I don't really have a problem with dog daycare centers, but some of the upscale ones do get a little ridiculous. The thing that gets me is dog daycare cameras that dog owners can watch remotely online at work. I understand the need to watch what your dog is doing at all times, and to make sure that they're safe, but watching your dog on a laptop at work is like a security blanket, it means nothing when someone starts swinging a machete.

Let's say something bad does happen to your dog, a hypothetical situation, what are the odds you check the webcam before it's too late? You would have to be watching at the near exact moment. This type of paranoia could lead to poor production at work. Unless you weren't aware of that, in which case, now it will, sorry.

Now let's say you do manage to see your dog being hurt or abused live as it's happening on webcam, what are the odds you can run out of work, and get down to the dog daycare center in time? That would be a tough moment I know, but you would be racing through traffic, putting a lot of people at risk, instead of finding out after work and being able to attack the people at the daycare center with a tire iron, which, to me, sounds like way more fun.

And lastly, if you don't trust the dog daycare center enough that you must have your eye on the dog at all times, why even leave the dog there to begin with?! You know, if the daycare is that nefarious, I'm sure they could rig up a camera trick like in "Speed" and loop the same footage over and over for you while they beat the dog. Assuming you're just worried about an accident or your dog getting beat up by other dogs, I guess it's not so bad to check up every once in awhile, but if the dog really means that much to you, take her to work and tell the boss to fuck off or you'll make him your new bitch!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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