What did you do for the Fourth of 'You Lie!'?

As we all know, today is the fourth day since the Fourth of 'You Lie!' (September 13th 2009) when Rep. Joe Wilson announced that he would not be making a second apology to the House of Representatives for his Obama speech heckle.

The House really wanted him to apologize for besmirching their hallowed halls of ineptitude, but he refused, dragging the ordeal out even longer. It was a very crucial day in American history.

The story has always been that Wilson's heckle was a spur of the moment thing and not organized, but it seems like the perfect plan. I think he figured he could yell at the President, make a name for himself, then if anyone had a problem with it, he could say they were wasting time on him while ignoring real issues.

And yes, that is a great point, but the bottom line is, he's the one that started all of this. Wilson should have just kept his mouth shut from the beginning and knew that an outburst would have detracted attention away from health care. You can't think that's okay to do, which is apparently what he did think, and for that, he does deserve reprimanding. That's like me going to a prostitute, kicking her in the throat, and then being all surprised and mad when she stabs me in the gut with a pocket knife. You don't launch the kick to begin with, no good can come of that. Sure you get your point across, but really, it's not worth it in the long haul, as Wilson has no doubt already realized. Who knows, there may even be an added case of Syphilis in it for him! As there was for me...

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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