Do you have your new stylish Snuggie yet?

I just saw a commercial for the new stylish Snuggie and I have to say, they hit the nail right on the head. For years I've wanted a Snuggie, but the colors that they had to choose from were atrocious. Like I'm gonna wear a maroon colored body tarp around the house... What will the postwoman think? She'll probably think I'm some kind of self flagellating Bozo! Well finally they've designed better stylish Snuggies that can let everyone strut around (even in public now!) looking like a schizophrenic leopard person.

Don't try to fight it! We all need to wear Snuggies! If you think this is some kind of pervasive cult that's taking over the world, you're wrong! And think about how difficult it will be for the stormtroopers to inject you with the Swine Flu vaccine when you've got your Snuggie on! Have you given that much thought? It's the perfect clothing device EVER! And I'm including lederhosen in that! Just be warned, the Snuggie does not prevent STDs... I found that out the hard way.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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