Is your shower a death trap?

For most people, the shower is a place where they can come to clean themselves, think, cry, and perhaps even masturbate, but new scientific studies show that the shower could be more dangerous than ever thought before. Of course we all know the dangers of slipping in the tub and cracking our skull against the faucet, lying there convulsing naked, shitting ourselves until help arrives too late, but this is a completely different threat... Bacteria!

Apparently most shower heads contain a massive amount of Mycobacterium avium which is often linked to lung disease. The threat isn't too severe, but if you have been experiencing inexplicable diarrhea, (that's when you have no idea what caused it, NOT when you're screaming at the heavens wondering why it had to happen to you) or any fever, and fatigue, it may not be H1N1, it could just be that the one place you thought was safe, is killing you.

Perhaps if we lower our ingestion of shower water and stop licking our shower heads clean after every use, the threat can be ignored, but that's a big IF!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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  1. & to think, Kramer made his radish flowers in the shower!