Is Alan Greenspan made of gingerbread?

I was reading about Leslie Cockburns' (tee hee) documentary on the American subprime credit crisis, then I saw a story on "60 Minutes" about the same thing. It's now in style to discuss what went horribly wrong years ago when Wall Street was vigorously gambling with the livelihoods of Americans. Fortunately, Michael Moore is getting involved to set the story and a few ham hoagies straight. The scary thing is, we are only now realizing what went wrong. For all we know, evil financial practices are still around today, not counting the usual ones.

One of the big players in what went wrong was Alan Greenspan, who is mostly to blame for deregulating subprime bets. I'm sure he meant well, but the end result was, the whole system got out of control and no one from the government was watching to stop it. Then I looked at Alan Greenspan and saw an unsettling resemblance to the Gingerbread Man from the movie "Shrek". After that, I realized the Gingerbread Man is a good analogy for Wall Street swindlers. The little bastard thought he couldn't be caught, he thought he was too quick, then the fucker got eaten by a fox. Which is ironic considering Rupert Murdoch probably had a hand in the crisis somehow, but which billionaires didn't? Actually it's not a good analogy considering these gingerbread fuckers never really got caught, they're all laughing about it, but that's not my fault, the gingerbread story needs to come to fruition!

I wonder if men who have slept with Leslie Cockburns get at all scared when they find out her last name the morning after... I'm just joking, that would insinuate Leslie is some kind of slut, but then again that's the joke of her name, so really I'm only commenting on that, there's no human element here, it's just about the two segments of that surname.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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