New written driving exam world record holder?

If I told you that a 68-year-old just got closer to their driver's license by finally passing the written exam after 949 previous tries, would you guess I was talking about a Korean woman? Well, shame on you! Because you are, exactly right... But stereotypes aside, this is sad. Cha Sa-soon scored the minimum 60 points out of 100 to pass the dreaded exam recently. This does seem a little curious though. Did she do this all on purpose to get the international attention? Surely this is one of the least violent ways to get yourself on the news, but why not go for passing on the 1,000th try? Did she finally get fed up with the four year long charade and decide to hit it on the next multiple of ten?

The battle isn't over yet though, she must still complete the driving portion of the exam which is already predicted to take several dozen lives and over 10,000 attempts. The point here is, she's either an invalid who takes damn near a thousand tries to pass a simple written exam, or she's an unbalanced attention whore who pushed a stupid prank to its farthest human limit. Either way, this woman should not be allowed anywhere near an automotive vehicle.

Oh wait, it says police said she took the exam "hundreds of times" and the local media came up with the 950 number... Well that makes a lot more sense. I'm now assuming she took it twelve times and it just seemed like hundreds and the local media in Jeonju is laughing their asses off. I would blame me for this story except that I didn't report it, the Associated Press did. Why would they mention this? It's a crappy story with no real worth or factual backing and serves only to reinforce the stereotype that when it comes to the elderly, women, and Asians especially, putting them behind the wheel is like lighting a powder keg. Don't fuel the stereotypes with this one clearly troubled woman, it's just not worth the laughs.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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