NASA found buckets of moon water?!

It turns out the LCROSS mission was a success because they found "a dozen buckets of water" on the Moon while they were only expecting to find a few teaspoons. To a lot of people that's great news, but let's think about the other part of that...

They spent 79 million dollars to look for a teaspoon of water! Do you think? I doubt that. I think they expected something more like a river, but set the bar extremely low and didn't mention any expectations. I don't remember them saying anything about how much water they were looking for. It was bad enough PR for them to be crashing something into the Moon to look for water without them adding that they were expecting a teaspoon.

These NASA people are smart! They externally set the bar low, all the time believing there was a hidden Moon lake. And when they found buckets, it was disappointing, but they pulled the teaspoon excuse out of their ass and now look spotless. I'm onto you NASA, you ain't fooling me!

Of course the alternative to that theory is that they really did expect to find only a couple of teaspoons of moon water. If so, that is fucking insane. Yeah, let's just go up to the Moon in a couple decades, check it out, set up a base camp, drill up some teaspoons of awesome tasting moon water. No, please Buzz, put the Evian bottle away, we have all the water we need, RIGHT HERE!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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