Would you eat meat created in a laboratory?

Recently, scientists have found a way to develop artificial rabbit penises... And while rabbits are thrilled about that, it's only a matter of time before scientists are able to create all sorts of organs and tissues for other animals, including humans, but also chickens and cows.

That means there may come a time when we can eat clean, fresh, lab meat (that is, meat created in a lab) instead of having to raise animals to be slaughtered. The benefits are: less human-caused animal suffering, fewer instances of food diseases like Mad Cow, more space available which is currently used for livestock, and fewer emissions/waste due to livestock.

But let's not all jump aboard the lab meat bandwagon quite yet. Let's think about all the people who make a living raising and killing animals. Sure it's not the greatest profession in the world, but it's a job for a lot of people out there. Would they have to be trained how to synthesize laboratory meats? Or would they just be kicked to the curb? Think about the toll that would take on the American economy. You'd have to choose between getting your meat from government scientists or a weird bearded guy who claims he "made" some in his basement.

What do vegetarians and vegans think of this? Okay never mind, but what about people who eat meat? Would someone who loves meat make the switch to digital? Is it still wrong to eat meat made by scientists? Is it even more wrong than killing a living animal? You'll all have to decide when the time comes and someone puts science meat in your face, and not like that time the Biology teacher came to class wasted. We agreed never to talk about that, remember?

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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