Why people be trippin' over BPA?

Yeah you heard me, mad peeps be trippin' about BPA otherwise known on the streets as Bisphenol-A or Bizass. Apparently it makes Chinese men impotent. Oh no! Could this mean the end of overpopulation in Asia? I'm sure they'll find a cure soon enough. Oh wait, we already have several dozen. So now if you're a wealthy Chinese plastic factory worker you can go to work, see a female co-worker, get a boner, be affected by the BPA, lose the wood, take some Cialis, get it back, then enjoy some Cocaine and ultimately lose it. With that many chemicals in your body, you might either lose the erection, your sanity, or both. Watch out wealthy Chinese plastic factory worker who thinks its 1980's Miami, watch out.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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