We Are West, Texas Strong!

With around 35 people dead and hundreds more wounded in the West, Texas Fertilizer Explosion I'm shocked and saddened to see this tragedy getting less attention than the Boston Marathon. Yes the marathon bombing was horrific and the victims deserve your thoughts and prayers, but just from a death toll/wounded standpoint, the fertilizer explosion is a bigger deal. Still, far fewer slogans and catchphrases are coming out of this tragedy. Perhaps it's because it's not obviously an attack by terrorists. Should that matter?

So when people are killed by an act of terrorism it means way more than if someone just blew up by accident in a fertilizer explosion? I don't think so. I don't believe that at all. That may be how other people feel, but keep in mind, by viewing terrorism like that you are only giving more satisfaction and credit to the terrorists. We just want so badly to have an outsider to fight against. Tragic death is tragic death and it doesn't matter how the explosion happened, let's care about the victims not the attackers. So long as we're caring about the victims then this fertilizer plant explosion deserves more attention. That's why I'm using the phrases "We Are West, Texas Strong" and "Pray For West, Texas" as often as I can. And by the way, don't say "Pray For Texas". Texas is too damn big. This happened in a relatively small town so lets not dilute the prayers by spreading them all across the entire state and really focus in here. Don't get lazy.

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