Why Doesn't Santa Make Every Day Christmas?

We all love Santa Claus. He's a swell fella. He uses magic and dwarf labor to make and deliver toys to children all over the world. Christmastime is one of the most joyous times of the year where everyone gets together and decides to show goodwill and charity to the less fortunate. The thing is, we all know Santa uses magic to travel around and get into people's houses. That means he's a wizard of some sort and could conceivably make every single day Christmas if he wanted to. Even if the government didn't acknowledge every day as Christmas, he could still show up and give people gifts. Maybe instead of giving toys he could just bring people food, especially for low-income families and starving people. You know Santa has the ability to do it, the question is why won't he?

Christmas is Jesus' B-day so is it possible that Santa uses Jesus magic to do all his Christmas stuff and there's only enough for one day a year? I highly doubt that. If it's Jesus magic there should be enough power to last more than one day. I'm sure Jesus wouldn't have a problem with bringing holiday cheer to the world on more than just one day.

I'm not trying to take the one day he does do this for granted, but even two Christmases would be nice. A Summer Christmas where he brings food to people in ghettos would be pretty nice I mean what else is he doing that's so damn important? I'm sure he's banging Mrs. Claus and preparing his list for December 25th, but if there's time to get to every Christian house in the world in one night then surely there's time to fit in another Christmas. Come on, Santa! What's the deal, bro?

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