Educate Yourself About Diarrhea

In order to clarify a lot of confusion out there I have to state that the medical definition of Diarrhea or "Diarrhoea" is "The passage of THREE or MORE loose stools per DAY". That is what diarrhea is. The majority of people will have a single liquid stool and say something like "OH GAWD! I'VE GOT THE DIARRHEA!" No. Sorry, you don't technically. You need to have the same thing two more times within a 24 hour time period for that to be medically considered Diarrhea.

This is very important to keep in mind as it means Taco Bell might not be responsible for as much Diarrhea as is generally believed. Unless your Cheesy Bean Burrito and Nachos Bell Grande are giving you TRES MIERDAS EN UNO DIA then that's not actual diarrhea. Taco Bell gives people soft, liquid, explosive stools. There is a difference and that needs to be recognized by all for the betterment of our global understanding of Diarrhea.

So the next time I eat too much teriyaki chicken at the galleria food court I don't want someone to scream "EW! YOU DID DIARRHEA IN YOUR PANTS! YOU DIARRHEA'D ON YOURSELF!" Because that is NOT TRUE. That was just the first of three stages. Until those three stages have been completed then I only Loose Stool'ed in my pants so please calm the hell down and get yourself educated.

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