Why Do The Daytime Emmys Exist?

It's almost time for the Daytime Emmy Awards show again, but have you ever wondered why it needs to exist? Why does there need to be a 2nd Emmy television awards show? Could it be because daytime TV sucks and if there was only the one Emmy show that no show that airs between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM would win anything? Yes. That's exactly why. The Daytime Emmys is just a bunch of overrated entertainers undeservedly praising each other and themselves on TV while winning the equivalent of silver medals. The Latin Grammys seem stupid for the same reason, but at least that's a cultural designation. There's no Morning Grammys for "wake up music".

There's a reason networks never premiere new shows during the day and most channels just air "Full House" re-runs and old movies. No one cares about daytime television! Why not have a Late Night Emmys show too for phone sex, dick pill, and exercise equipment infomercials? Not EVERYONE can win a damn award. Just have one Emmy Awards and force the daytime people to up their games instead of patronizing them with this second tier BS. It's like a version of the National Basketball Association for obese people. These people have a right to do it, but don't expect anyone to be excited about it!

Why is daytime TV so much worse than primetime TV? Is it because everyone's at work so there's less incentive to produce high quality entertainment? Probably. The only reason the Daytime Emmys exist is because of the insane egos of the soap opera folks and big TV stars like Oprah, Ellen, Rosie O' Donnell, Jerry Springer, and Maury. These people couldn't stand not being up for some type of award despite the fact that they wouldn't win anything if they were going up against shows like "Modern Family" and "The Office", and other acclaimed shows. The bottom line is the Daytime Emmys are the epitome of what's wrong with awards shows. There's nothing good on TV during the day and yet these people are getting awards. So basically they're getting awards for sucking and I can't agree with something like that.

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