At what age is it okay to flush a dog down the toilet?

Apparently four years old. A 4-year-old English kid "accidentally" flushed his cocker spaniel down the toilet while trying to give it a bath. People have been telling me I'm wrong to judge this kid because kids always do stupid things. Hey! Listen! This kid is lucky the dog was found alive in the sewer thanks to the quick thinking work of some qualified adults. If the dog had been killed would you be fiddling the same tune?

Who gives a dog a bath in the toilet? Who gives anything a bath in the toilet? After four years on this planet you should know that the toilet is a "no-no, dirty place." People say, "Yeah whatever, you knew everything when you were a kid. You had your first sexual experience at the age of 6! This isn't you, this is somebody else!"

You're right, it is someone else. But this is the year 2009, 4 is the new 10, at least that's what they're saying in the magazines. This kid should have known better and should damn well be knowing better right now. Someone has to set this kid straight, and if not his parents (who never told him to stop sticking his hands in the sh*tter) then maybe it has to be me!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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