Didn't I tell you something was wrong here?

While France and Brazil are quarreling over proof of the crash, the real mystery remains unsolved. Can you believe people were laughing at my theories? Laughing! Have you taken a look around here? This isn't a place for laughter! Binkie McFartnuggets' Mansion of Mania is a place for hard hitting news reporting and life changing commentary!

Now they're searching for the black boxes underwater in yellow submarines. I was just watching that show "Monster Quest" on History Channel and I don't enjoy it. It's pretty boring, they search around for a monster that they know deep down in their hearts doesn't exist and then talk about it for an hour. Why not take these fellers and put them in the yellow submarine to look for the black boxes of Air France Flight 447? Is it because they wouldn't be qualified? Fine, well at least send a camera crew with the people who are conducting the search now so that we can tell it's legit.

I'd be shocked if they found the flight recorders in the murky deep! That means odds are, they won't find it. Just like the odds are that no one will ever know what happened. Well I think that's BS! A little more effort could mean the difference between knowing the truth and throwing another mystery on the pile of "Crazy sh*t we are no longer concerning ourselves with." I can tell you this, they're not stuck on some "Lost" island, they're being kept at a Guantanamo Bay type place and that needs to stop!

I want that f*cking plane!

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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