How are you enjoying "Juneuary"?

People have been trying to blame global warming for the mild "summer" season we've experienced so far in 2009. Global WARMING! It just goes to show that no one knows what the hell Global Warming is and that's sad. The very nature of the problem is scientific which means, we as humans in America are probably not going to figure it out before it's too late.

When people tell me about "Juneuary" I want to spin kick them in the face. They like to slap the label of global warming on every little thing and that's crying wolf. Just because a mild summer isn't the boogeyman of "liberal climate change" doesn't mean global warming doesn't still exist! I'm like Dick Cheney, I hope we do see Julybruary, Augch, Septebril, Octobay, Novune, and Decembuly, just to convince people that we have a problem here once and for all. Then again, maybe I should just stop taking what people at the bus stop tell me so seriously, I don't know.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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