Did Six Flags rip off Papa John's slogan?

If you've seen the new Six Flags ads lately you'd notice that not only is the old dancing freak back, but that they're using a new slogan: "More flags. More fun. Six Flags." At first, it only seems nonsensical and irritating, but if you see a Papa John's commercial afterward and hear their slogan of "Better ingredients. Better pizza. Papa John's" you'll realize something is wrong here. Having a slogan of three fragmented sentences with the first two starting with the same word and the last being the name of the organization, is a distinct marketing strategy that Six Flags has stolen from Papa John's crazy ass.

I did some more research into this and found out that Papa John's actually has a deal with Six Flags to be the official pizza of Six Flags amusement parks. That means if you want pizza in Six Flags it's Papa John's or nothing! So was Six Flags' new slogan just a coincidence, or was it copied on purpose? Did they have Papa John's consent? If Taco Bell becomes the official enchurrito of Six Flags will they bring out a new slogan: "Fresher meat. Fresher burritos. Taco Bell"?

What's next? Will Sealy become the official Six Flags bed? "Comforting Mattresses. Comforting lumbar support. Sealy Posturepedic."? Imagine how awful that would be. We need to stop this crap now before this type of slogan begins spreading across the world like Swine Flu. I hope I never have to hear "Dirtier pigs. Dirtier people. H1N1!"or god forbid "Softer lip openings. Softer sex. Expensive Homecrafted Sex Dolls."

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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