Most shocking celebrity death ever?

I still can't believe Michael Jackson died, he looked so healthy! He was about to do a comeback tour! They said he looked "skeletal" but what's new about that? That was his look! He cultivated that. I think it's sick how Michael Jackson album sales have skyrocketed over the past day due to his death. Why do we always wait for someone to die before appreciating them? Some people are already calling for Dr. Pepper to claim the vacant title of "King of Pop" and I have to disagree with that.

Michael's greatest scientific contribution to the world was the anti-gravity breakthrough "Smooth Criminal" shoe. With countless practical applications in the world of manufacturing, Michael Jackson re-invented the way factories engage their employees in elaborate synchronized dance numbers for entertainment during lunch breaks.

Why does history always seem to repeat itself? People are drawing parallels between Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley now, of course they had to wait for Jackson to die prematurely before the similarities were complete. But now that they are, we can really see how two of the biggest stars in music rose drastically and suffered a tragic fall. Now Mir-Hossein Mousavi has gone missing after losing the election in Iran. Whether he's doing this deliberately to mimic the actions of John Kerry after the U.S. Presidential election of 2004 or not, we may never know.

The same things are occurring and I don't like it! Seeing some things once is good enough most of the time. How about some originality? I'm not saying it would have been better if Michael Jackson had lived til he was elderly, that would have been downright frightening, but it's even more scary how storylines keep recycling here on Earth. Is God running out of material?

On a more personal note, as an amateur baby dangler, I have to thank Michael Jackson from the deepest regions of the crook of my baby dangling arm. This man did more for the art of baby dangling than any other human being to ever step foot on a balcony anywhere! His music will be his legacy, but his charitable work will never be ignored.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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