Can Libya Swing The Election?

People are trying to say how the attacks in Cincinnati Bengals or whatever is gonna change the Presidential election, but how is that possible? Who honestly cares what happens in Libya? Sorry, but if your country sounds kind of like "Library" you've lost most Americans right off the bat. Try renaming yourself "Stripclubya". Sure it was sad that the ambassador died, but no one knew who that was either. People need to cut the bullshit and stop pretending they care about shit they really don't just so it makes them look patriotic. You know what I care about and is still patriotic? Cakes and cheese. Can we just elect cakes and cheese president of America? You know that's what everyone wants! I'd bearhug the shit out of THAT with my MOUTH. We'd have to put a new cake in the White House every few hours because visitors and interns would get to put the President in their mouth which has only happened like twice before.

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