Suck My Frankenweenie

Hurricane Frankenweenie is coming and that means I have to drink and eat all the perishable dairy foods I have in case the power goes out. That's a great situation to be in because then I can have the most insane milkshits sitting in the dark on a dry toilet I made out of a sawed off water cooler tank.

For some reason whenever they show a supermarket full of people before a big storm the meat and milk sections are always ravaged. Who thinks milk and meat are the first things you need to go for in a situation where a prolonged power outage is likely? Are you fucking retarded?

Speaking of Frankenweenie, what the hell is that anyway? Is that when a woman thinks she's a man so she gets surgery to turn her vagoonies inside out and sew it up with a bunch of pieces from corpse wangs to form somewhat of a complete penis?

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