"Frankenstorm"? Seriously?

The news is calling 2012's Hurricane Sandy, "Frankenstorm" because it's almost Halloween and I guess because the storm has murdered people. Why won't they call it "Stormgoblin"? Is that too stupid? Why do we feel the need to give certain storms nicknames? The Weather Channel recently decided to start giving blizzards names so we wouldn't have to call them "Snowmageddon" every fucking time. Hurricanes already have names, so let's cut the nickname bullshit. Maybe if the storm was made up of parts from other dead storms I'd understand the name, but it's not so this is just some foolish "Frankenweenie" tie-in that's insulting to all the dead Caribbean people's families. I just hope they don't know we call it "Frankenstorm" or even know what that means. To be honest, I'm not even sure what it means anymore either.

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