What You Need To Have In Your GO BAG

Everyone knows they need a "Go bag" in the event they have to evacuate their home. The Red Cross is always trying to tell you what should be in your go bag: water, flashlights, batteries, etc. But honestly the list can go on and on to the point where you might be screaming "How about you just tell me what NOT to put in a fucking Go Bag!!!" to your television while attempting to fit a microwave in your satchel. Yes, it's true that these assholes would have you fit your entire home in a bag and carry it with you. They want you to bring toys for your kids because the shelters are boring and they don't want to deal with those little snots running amok all around, but if it's really an emergency you ignore the toys and take something else. Is it weird if I have a personal enjoyment item in my Go Bag? If kids get to bring toys why can't adults? Basically I have a Glad ForceFlex bag filled to the brim with personal enjoyment items and Go-Gurt. If I'm ever in a tough spot I'm fairly confident that will get me through it. No, the personal enjoyment items are not for pleasure, they are for purpose. You can connect certain personal enjoyment items together at the ends to make a rope which can then be used as utility rope, as a binding mechanism, or even yes, a weapon. And Go-Gurt? Well Go-Gurt is just fucking delicious and it's basically a liquid and a food at the same time so it'll keep you alive forever. I'm not an evacuation specialist, because that's not a real thing, but I'm about as close to one as you can get without any official training. This is how I'm preparing, I suggest you prepare the same way.

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