Deleting YouTube Comment Replies

If I could have any superpower it would be to delete boring, repetitive, idiotic, ignorant, racist, hateful comments and spam from YouTube. Well I can’t do that YET, but Google has given me the next best thing and allowed me to delete REPLIES to my comments. I discovered I could do this when I saw a spam marketing reply to one of my top comments. Some fool urchin was trying to sell their iPads to people getting a chuckle from one of daddy’s funfuns! Can you believe that? What kind of world are we living in here, folks?!

I don’t think I’ll be deleting any more replies other than spam, but it is nice to have that capability. “Oh, you don’t like what I said and you want to tell me directly? BOOM! Into virtual oblivion you go!” It’s like the online equivalent of a “Talk to the hand” gesture. Best of all, it doesn’t encroach on free speech because you can say whatever the hell you want in your own comment. Then if you don’t like what I have to say about it, you can delete MY reply. It’s a very accurate representation of how the real world works. You can say whatever you want, that’s free speech, but don’t be surprised when someone deletes your ass.

It's important to maintain good posture when telling someone to romance themselves in the anus with a rusty chainsaw and then take their family to die in an oily car fire.

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  1. Just discovered this feature, I think its cowardly and lets anyone bath in their own ignorance if they choose.