Drunk Rob Ford Reenacts 2013 Volkswagen Jamaican Super Bowl Commercial

From YouTube - Toronto TheCity

Toronto mayor Rob Ford was caught speaking in a Jamaican accent at a fancy press conference and that has offended some. Is this an act of racism? Maybe he was just getting into the Super Bowl spirit and rewatching some of the more controversial commercials from 2013’s game, like this one:

A lot of people found the Volkswagen commercial offensive too, but it’s all relative. If a Jamaican person talked “White” would we find that offensive? No. That’s just a normal thing. Why is that normal? I think people only find it offensive when it’s a different sounding voice like Jamaican or Chinese. Had he been talking in a Texas accent no one would have cared. Maybe the problem is that people view a Jamaican accent as different and funny (as in the Volkswagen ad). It shouldn’t be. Also the guy’s name is Ford and he’s mimicking a Volkswagen commercial. Could we be seeing an automotive buyout in the future? No, probably not.

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