Overly Sentimental Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial

From YouTube - Budweiser

For some reason it’s a Super Bowl tradition for Budweiser to put out a really heartwarming, sentimental commercial. Everyone loves them, they’re a big hit, but the fact of the matter is they’re still selling beer. They’re selling the reason your uncle can’t get his life under control and is borderline suicidal. It’s okay that you got blackout drunk and crapped on the floor at a Dunkin Donuts and got arrested, because there’s a puppy playing with a horse.

Budweiser and parents must know that young children watch these commercials and it plants a seed inside their brains that links happy puppies and horses with the name Budweiser. The ideal Budweiser commercial should just be a family drinking Budweiser together having a nice relaxed time and it ends with the father NOT beating everyone. Instead, people see the puppies and the horses and get all depressed, go to the liquor store, buy a 30 pack, get shitfaced and scream “THE PUPPY LOVED THE HORSE!” with their pants down in the middle of town. And by “people” I mean me.

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