Toyota Commercial Featuring The Muppets

From YouTube - ToyotaUSA

Here’s a Toyota commercial for this year’s Super Bowl featuring everyone’s favorite, The Muppets. The weird thing about this commercial is The Muppets appeal to mostly children and this is a car commercial. Why are they marketing motor vehicles to children? Then we wonder why a 9-year-old steals his parents’ keys and goes on a joyride and ends up crashing the car into a ditch.

If they mean to appeal to adults with The Muppets then that’s ridiculous too because if you’re a grown adult who would buy a car just because there are Muppets in the commercial then you arguably shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car to begin with. People like that are the reason America averages around 5 million car crashes per year. Companies always use puppets to sell their products, but at least get human puppets.

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