Former boxing champ Alexis Argüello found dead?!

God, when will the madness stop?! I was wondering whose death could overshadow Michael Jackson's, then Billy Mays dies, and now Alexis Arguello? I'm halfway expecting Jesus to return, chill out for a bit while getting acclimated to life in the 21st century and then be found dead in a hotel at 3 in the morning!

The explosive thin man known as "The Explosive Thin Man" has died. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, famous people keep being taken from us! The scary thing is, it's happening in an upward slope of famousness. The only good thing about this is, eventually it will get to a point where the next celebrity who dies won't be more famous than the last and we can ignore it because it makes no sense to mourn someone you never heard of before just because of the media's blood thirst to exploit the deaths of public figures.

This man had 82 wins and only 8 losses during his professional career! Family friends had said he was looking "energetic" and "cheerful." It's amazing how fast people can be taken away so soon. He was only 57.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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