How important is a U.S. President's first pitch?

The powers neglected to show President Obama's pitch hit the glove at the MLB All-Star game Tuesday night because they didn't want anyone to see it miss. Why wouldn't Fox want to catch that? Anyway it didn't miss and their gamble worked fine. That's the beauty of what they did. If he misses, they don't capture it on video and if he makes it they can just show it later. What they failed to realize is that there were tons of people all around with their iPhones recording the event so video would have been posted eventually.

There's a question that needs to be asked, how important is the President's first pitch? If he bounces it, does that actually show weakness? Everyone can have a bad throw, but for some reason it is symbolic. Failing to throw a good pitch is something that we the people would mock and link to incompetence, physical ineptitude, and irresponsibility.

It's just ridiculous how that works. Everyone wants to focus on the easy, plain, mundane tasks that a President engages in so they can apply that to their day-to-day lives and compare themselves with the President of the United States. Doing that is really hopeless and means nothing. Case in point, the 2001 World Series when President George W. Bush threw a perfect first pitch strike. Everyone erupted in joy because here was our leader showing his athletic coordination, he couldn't be that retarded could he?

And where did that lead us? Apparently throwing a strike gives you the ability to do whatever the hell you want without repercussions. So really, we should be upset that Obama didn't miss horribly and embarrass himself, not just the Republicans, all Americans. We don't want his confidence sailing too high, you never know what someone will do with that kind of power.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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