Was Michael Jackson's Death Planned to Coincide with the Apollo 11 Anniversary?

Considering the fact we celebrate the moon landing anniversary every ten years, I'd say the whole Michael Jackson death thing is a little eerie. Sure it's not like he died on the 50th anniversary at the age of 50, but still... He was most famous for the moonwalk, kinda... And only a few months later we celebrate the anniversary of the first time man walked on the moon!

A lot of people are coming out now in opposition to the moon landing. Let me remind you that the reason we celebrate the anniversary every five to ten years instead of aiming for the big ones like 50, is because Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and all the rest are sadly nearing the end! So we care enough to celebrate their anniversary while they're still alive, but not enough to avoid defiling their alleged accomplishments...

Real or not, it did provide the basis for the name of Michael Jackson's famed dance move. Though I wonder how many Michael supporters doubt the moon landing, that's a tough one. I would guess not a lot, because their minds are full of wonderment. But then again, you have to be pretty creative to break out of the box in the first place and claim the moon landing was staged... What do you think about that? Are Michael Jackson fanatics more or less likely to believe in the Apollo 11 moon landing? You think about that! Because if indeed there is a trend either way, then that could explain a lot.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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