Should "The Running of the Bulls" be stopped?

Supporters say it's a fun tradition and opponents say it's pointless cruelty. Now I don't support tRotB, but I think we need to stay consistent. If you're against it, you have to be a vegan. If you're sitting there on your leather couch eating a cheeseburger, screaming at the TV about how unethical it is for the bulls to be taunted and slaughtered for entertainment, you should probably stop for a second to think.

I am not a vegetarian, so rather than ignore that and help fight for animal rights, I choose consistency over hypocrisy. It's a rare choice to make these days.

Cattle mutilation is pretty commonplace, even in America! Imagine that! There are cows bred specifically to have their throats cut open. How can you live in a country where that happens every day and villify people who at least give the bulls a chance to gore someone?

If you want to change things, you should take a look at the bigger picture. Keeping these bulls from running around and being killed by Spanish people isn't going to stop other animal slaughter from occurring. And that's what I don't get about vegans and vegetarian animal rights activists. They'll point their fingers at the dairy industry in America, but then ignore the rest of the world, as if animals suffering in Asia don't matter. The argument against tRotB is similarly opposite where someone being interviewed on the street eating a cheesesteak thinks Pampola is a savage land that should be invaded by our military to save the poor man cows.

Either fix the problems you ardently rail against or just stay out of it, OR don't claim to be appalled by animal slaughter and help where you can, knowing you aren't making a huge difference but that doesn't matter.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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