What will Earth look like after we're gone?

For some reason people are really interested in what Earth will look like after humans go extinct... Why the hell do you care? You and anyone you've ever cared about will be dead. It really won't matter! Yet we have these shows like "Life After People" and "Population: Zero" that insist on showing us sh*tty graphics of monuments collapsing, basically cashing in on the lack of another 9/11 for 'shock and awe' value.

Some NASholes think Earth might end up resembling that bitch of a planet we know as Venus. It turns out that Venus may have had oceans at one point in time. Billions of years ago it even had a moon. You didn't know that did you? Yeah it's pretty f*cking creepy! For all we know there may have been humans or baboons living there!

The funny thing is, experts don't really know much about Venus at all. Since it's constantly cloudy, they can't see anything that goes on there. There could be volcanoes everywhere and all kinds of crazy sh*t, but all we can do is guess. There might be Venusese or Venusians or Venuslings (whichever term they prefer) there right now plotting an invasion of Earth. Honestly, I think we could all go for something like that, a World War II for the 21st century. Jump start our economy by producing more tanks and planes, though since we'd be fighting aliens, it might be free labor. Either way we'd all be working together like in "Independence Day," though you know after they figured out how to destroy those mother ships, the Israelis and Palestinians were at it again within four minutes. It was a nice little break anyway.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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