Should Billy Mays' "iCan" health insurance commercial stay on the air?

You may have noticed that since the passing of the unforgettable Billy Mays, a lot of his commercials have still been airing. I have no complaint with that. I think it's great and his family should continue to benefit from his charismatic charm, BUT to continue showing a commercial where he's plugging affordable health insurance, to me, seems to be toeing the line.

In the commercial, he says "iCan" is the what he uses to help keep his family healthy. I would assume he includes himself in that, and if that's true, they should have been able to get his heart problem fixed.

On the other hand, it's more realistic to assume that Billy Mays had nothing to do with iCan insurance other than doing a commercial for it and was lying about his family using it. But, I'd rather not think of Mr. Mays as someone who would stretch the truth just to sell a product, though that is inherent in being a salesperson. Either way, the message is, a now deceased person with health problems is trying to sell people health insurance and anyway you look at it, that can't be good. I understand they have to do what they have to do, but for the sake of Billy, take the commercials off TV, you freaks.

-Binkie McFartnuggets


  1. that is weird, i agree yet disagree at the same time... i think it honors him, his life was dedicated to Infomercials and so they should play him for awhile, and as far as health problem i am not sure it was somthing anyone knew about, if they did it was something they might not think they could fix or thought it was not a big prob... the heart is a tricky thing i would not blame a health insurance for it by no means, my grandpa would never go get help if there was sign pointing to needing it. so he died before his time...

    maybe Mays was like that thought the pains/problems were not worth getting looked at, he seem healthy and viberint to me. in the series pitch-men he look great... just my 2 cents

  2. ICAN health insurance for someone who is virtually uninsurable because of previous illnesses sounded like something that was workable. We ordered the program being assured that if we cancelled within the first 30 days, the money would be refunded. This was the only way we could get the policy and look it over. We opted not to take the insurance because it did nothing and we cancelled within the 30 day period. We got back our money less $100. Just another scam! How can these people who do things like this live with themselves???

  3. iCan insurance - The bottomdwellers of the insurance industry - Truly, if you have to sell a serious product using a "pitchman" in the first place its OBVIOUS something is just not right. Insurance should not be about "the show", it should be taken seriously, and not become a product that comes in a box from the "as seen on TV" aisle of your local pharmacy.... Pathetic
    And trust me I know, I was breifly part of the iCan debacle!