What is the best excuse for killing people?

Two stories have caught my attention in the past minute, the Texas mother who decapitated her baby and the New York mother who drove down the wrong side of a parkway and in doing so, killed seven other people.

The decapitating mother's excuse is that the devil made her do it, a pretty cliched answer, but there is some haze surrounding that statement.

The Associated Press headline reads: "Texas police: Mother says devil made her kill son."

But within the story they state: "Police say they found a 3 1/2-week-old infant stabbed and decapitated in a Texas home, and his mother screaming that she killed her son after the devil told her to do it."

So did the devil MAKE her kill the child, or TELL her to? That may seem like a stupid question, but it really makes all the difference. If the devil is merely telling you to do something, you can always ignore him (works fine for me) but if the devil actually takes control of your body, well then there's nothing you can really do about that!

Apparently the New York mother who killed herself, child, and three cousins by smashing them into another car with three men who also died, had said she wasn't feeling "well." Further into the story the AP says: "Schuller apparently told him (her brother) in a phone call about two hours earlier that she was feeling ill, state police said at a news conference."

So which was it? "Not well" or "Ill"? Because "ill" would assume a more bodily sickness, whereas "not well" would assume a mental issue. No psycho ever says they feel "ill," that's what someone with a stomach virus says. Is a stomach virus enough to keep you from realizing that you're driving down the wrong side of a parkway for two miles? That's about as convincing as claiming the devil forced you to kill your baby, to me anyway.

What is the difference between viciously decapitating one child and getting into a ridiculous accident that claims the lives of four youngsters? Is one worse than the other? I think society would condemn the decapitator more than the driving "accident," but the key is knowing the FULL STORY, which the Associated Press seems to have a problem with. And by the time the real details come forth, I'm already done caring about the story along with everyone else, secretly of course.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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  1. haven't they now announced that the driver was drunk and high? if so they should revive her and the have her drive the Devil Mom to her first court date-- straight to hell