No more YouTube comments?

As more and more YouTube channels begin making the transition to the manditory new channel design, comments are not being emphasized as they once were. While this can be seen as a good thing since most people who comment are complete morons, for people like me it's a shame. For me, comments were a way to express my thoughts about subject matter I would not normally have been exposed to. I would watch videos and tell jokes or come up with new ideas and share them with the world through comments.

Now with the new design, you're presented with all the videos on one channel page and comments are limited to a little box that folds out. It's pretty stupid, but then again I was getting addicted to writing comments, it's probably good that this happened. The best way to truly stop an addiction is to make it impossible for it to continue and just deal with it. But in tribute to my former comments I'll be showing a few of my favorites until doomsday when I plan to never make another YouTube comment again, for the most part.

This was one from a video called "Tickling a Gorilla" and the details read: "An adolescent Gorilla getting tickled."

See what I did there? I used the age of the gorilla to highlight a social issue inherent in tickling human-like mammal. I hope those kids learned something from that.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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