Dumbass Sayings: “God Broke The Mold When He Made You”

Sometimes when you’re out having dinner with a lady she puts her hand over yours and says “God really broke the mold when he made you.” What the hell is that supposed to mean? God broke the mold? What mold? First off, if God has a mold that he uses to make people in then it must be a mold of his image. So are you telling me that I broke God’s image? That must make me more powerful than god or something. That’s pretty insane. I would never claim to be more powerful than God. Do I have a few things I would do differently than God? Sure! But do I consider myself better than God? No of course not. It would be insanely arrogant for me to put myself in God’s shoes, if God even wears shoes.  God doesn’t make people in a mold like some kind of human factory. Also, “god broke the mold when he made you” almost sounds like an insulting thing you’d say to an overweight person. Why else would God’s mold break? It’s GOD. Surely his or her or its mold wouldn’t break. If anything, God would decide to change the mold. If that’s the case then that’s rather unremarkable. That just means the mold was changed prior to your conception and likely continued to be used on others thereafter.

The sperm goes into the funnel and then it's heat pressed into the vagina mold and left to cool.

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