Dumbass Sayings: “I Don’t Do Drugs. I AM Drugs!”

The famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali was quoted with saying “I don’t do drugs… I AM DRUGS!” Which sounds a lot like something a bath salts zombie shrieks at the heavens before they bite your nose off. Some people think Dali really didn’t do drugs and this quote was just his way of saying his paintings were like drugs that made the viewers trip. If that is indeed the case then the quote is flawed. If his paintings were drugs then he made he drugs. The act of painting generally involves you looking at the painting and taking it in during the process. Whether he liked it or not, he was under the influence of his own work. It’s a little difficult to cook cocaine while never trying any of it. You have to at least taste a little to know how good it is. To me, that counts as doing drugs. If you characterize your own personality and identity as “drugs” then you’re automatically indulging in those drugs by default whenever you look inward at yourself. This quote just sounds too much like something a severe drug addict says to deny their drug use while simultaneously admitting to it. Ironically, when someone’s being erratic and self contradicting that’s when you know they’re really high. Have you even seen a picture of this guy? The man’s appearance combined with all those melting clocks should clear up any confusion over whether or not he took actual narcotics.

Does this look like a sober person?

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