Dumbass Song Lyrics: “She’s a Brick House”

In the year 1977 The Commodores came out with the hit song “Brick House.” The song features the lyrics “She’s a brick house” and goes on to sing the praises of a woman who is built like a house made of bricks. My question is why would you want to fuck a house? Why would you want to fuck bricks? Who finds masonry that attractive? Let me tell you something, you try to fuck a brick structure you’re walking away with a sprained dick, best case scenario. Of course the song came from the saying “Built like brick shithouse” which is very disrespectful to say about a woman. Fortunately they don’t say “shithouse” in the song, but it’s implied. Of course the implication is that a shithouse is an outhouse where you go to defecate and urinate. Why you would willingly compare a woman to that is beyond me. The only time you would say that is if she was a human toilet and enjoyed that fetish, but even then I wouldn’t go singing that around to everyone. I don’t know any woman who would be flattered by the comparison to a dried clay structure. Plus, at this point it’s obvious brick construction isn’t the greatest. How many homes and buildings are built with bricks these days? Bricks are an outdated method of construction. Reinforced concrete with steel framing is the way to go nowadays.

Who wouldn't want to fuck that?

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